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Why have a mobile escape room come to your event?

  • This is one of the hottest new

interactive ways to have fun with groups. Work on team-building,

learn new things, and have a great time.

Escape rooms provide an atmosphere that is unique to the entertainment industry. The experience of finding and following clues, resolving puzzles, and solving problems in a team setting can be more exhilarating than most people imagine. The interactive nature of the game is satisfying and plausible.

When people are grouped in an escape room and tasked with a goal, the shared experience will bond them in a way that is difficult to replicate. Communication enhances, the group problem-solving skills improve, and the sense of comradery builds in anticipation of defeating the game. It can provide a fantastic rush to participants that they didn't expect before their first escape room experience.

Those who have never played escape rooms before may have some preconceived notions about why they would not want to play. Here is a list of some of those and how we at Escape Room Parties have designed and built our rooms to alleviate these fears:

I'm afraid of being locked in a room: A good escape room will not actually lock you in a room or facility without the ability to free yourself for whatever reason. All escape rooms we provide allow participants to quickly and easily leave the scenario as they see necessary.

I'll get claustrophobic:  We design our rooms to have an open feel and plenty of space to move around without feeling cramped. In the nearly decade of providing escape room experiences, we have never, not once, had someone leave our game because they felt claustrophobic. (They have left because got frustrated with their family, but that's a level of dysfunction we are not equipped to cure!)

I just don't think I'll understand it:  It can take a few minutes to get the feel for playing an escape room. But our Game Masters are there to help you get into the flow of how things work and to help you understand what's happening. Our goal, whether you win the game or not, is for YOU to have FUN!

Who likes these games?:  We like to say that everyone from Mathlets to Athletes enjoy escape rooms! Video gamers love escape rooms because it's like playing a live version of a video game! People who like to do puzzles like crosswords, word finds, sudoku, or trivia games tend to like escape rooms. People who solve problems for a living, including those in the trades, tend to enjoy escape rooms. At Escape Room Parties, puzzles for 4th-8th grade levels and 9th-grade to adult level so that lots of ages can enjoy escape rooms! It is very common for us to hear comments from first-time players about how they didn't know what to expect and didn't have much hope for the experience to say that in the end they had a great time and will definitely play again!

We hope this helps you to understand what you might expect from an escape room and how you might enhance your event by including one or more escape rooms as a part of the agenda. Should you have any questions or would like to find out more about having our mobile escape room service at your gathering, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call 515-368-1650, email , or go to our home page at to fill out a contact form or schedule a call. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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