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What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are a group activity that challenge players to follow clues and solve puzzles to accomplish their common goal. Escape Rooms are the hottest new segment of the entertainment industry. They are fun, challenging, and exciting!

Are We Really Locked in the Room and Are They Scary?

While the door may seem locked to you, there is always a way to let yourself out. you are always free to leave if you feel the need! The only time we scare you is in the rooms that are advertised and expressly refered to as scary!

Is it a trailer?

Who enjoys Escape Rooms?

While most mobile escape rooms are in a trailer of some sort, Escape Room Parties' escape rooms are different! You will have a new room placed inside your facility! This gives players a more immersive feel and allows them to lose themselves in the experience!

Anyone who likes having FUN!! Fun solving puzzles, fun working togther, fun problem-solving; Escape Rooms have it all! Younger children will have fun and can contribute to the effort, but they will need adult help to solve these head-scrathers. . 

What Gatherings will Enjoy a Mobile Escape Room?

Is it Cramped?

Our escape rooms are designed to have ample space. In our seven years of escape room experience serving nearly fifteen-thousand guests, we have never had anyone leave a game because they felt cramped or uncomfortable in one of our rooms! 

Escape Room Parties are great for any gathering of about 30 or more players up to several hundred players. After-Prom and after-graduation parties, corporate parties and gatherings, fundraisers, school functions, wedding receptions, teambuilding events, and communication skill enhancement exercises are all perfect gatherings for our Escape Room Parties!

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